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I am an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Calgary. My research interests include migration, care work, gender, inequality and research methodology.

I am the recipient of the University of Calgary’s Peak Scholar Award (2021) and the University of Calgary, Faculty of Arts, New Scholar Research Award (2021).

Currently, I am principal investigator on two SSHRC grants. The first is a SSHRC Insight Grant (2021-2025) titled Precarities and Disparities: Female Immigrant Care Workers Over the Life Course. This is a four-year study which will aid in the theoretical development of an intersectional life course perspective – examining how individual experiences and outcomes are shaped by key life events, structural forces, and intersecting identities. The project will be the first to apply this theory to large-scale quantitative analysis and will analyse the health and financial impacts of working in care for racialized female immigrants in Canada at local, national, and cross-national levels. The study will highlight the ways that care work is socially and economically marginalized, “dirty”, difficult, and particularly during times of pandemic, dangerous.

The second grant is a SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant (2020-2021) titled Caring During the COVID19 Crisis: Immigrant Women Working in Long-Term Care in Calgary. For this project, I have partnered with the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association to conduct mixed-methods research that focuses specifically on the workplace impacts of the pandemic for immigrant women personal support workers within long-term care institutions. I have conducted primary qualitative interviewing, in conjunction with 2016 census microdata analyses.

I also actively collaborate with social agencies and government bodies including the Parkland Institute, Social Planning Toronto, the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, the Wellesley Institute, and the Calgary Local Immigration Partnership.

At the University of Calgary Sociology Department I teach courses including: Gender and Care, Sociology of Work, Social Policy, Sociology of International Migration, and basic and advanced quantitive research methodology at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

To date, my academic work has been published or accepted for publication in Gender & Society, Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society, European Sociological Review, Journal of European Social Policy, International Migration ReviewInternational Migration, International Labour Review, Journal of Poverty, Journal of Comparative Family Studies, Critical Studies in Education, Canadian Studies in Population, Social Inclusion, Canadian Ethnic Studies, Canadian Journal on Aging, and Journal of Aging and Social Policy. In addition, I am the co-author of the second edition of the textbook Social Policy in Canada (with E. Lightman, 2017) and I have several book chapters published in peer-reviewed edited book collections.

I would be happy to provide any additional information on request and would welcome an opportunity to further discuss my credentials.

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